I can assist you in the following areas:

  • Review, coordinate, and organize medical bills and related paperwork, including third party benefits and payments
  • Determine who is the responsible party for medical bills and when the payment is expected
  • Assist patients and their families in understanding the coverage options in which they are currently enrolled or are available to them
  • Preparing personal healthcare fact sheets, including prescription, medical history, and medication information
  • Provide guidance in assessing post-hospitalization residential options (home care, assisted living, nursing home)
  • Serve as spokesperson for the client  to obtain information, negotiate and settle claims disputes

As an unbiased third party, I can help eliminate some of the stresses of dealing with financial and family issues, including: adult children caring for their elderly family members, families geographically distant trying to care for an ailing relative, families caring for individuals with special needs or chronic illness.