Rethinking Long Term Care Options

Rethinking Long Term Care Options This morning I read about Genworth’s recent study on long term care costs in this country. They have been providing very helpful information, geographic specific as well as national trends, since 2004. The findings for 2017: the second highest increase in long term care costs since they began their reporting. … Continue reading Rethinking Long Term Care Options

Long Term Care Costs Increase in 2017

Long term care costs are predicted to continue to increase.  Recent studies released by Genworth indicate this year’s long term care cost increases are the second highest since they have begun their reporting in 2004. Have you planned for your long term care expenses? Nursing Home Costs It is predicted that a private nursing home … Continue reading Long Term Care Costs Increase in 2017

Emergency Preparedness 2017

Do you have an emergency preparedness plan? “Disasters don’t plan ahead. You can.” Watching helplessly as members of our immediate family and countless others struggle in Houston with the hurricane, tornadoes, and flooding, I thought it timely to talk about preparing for emergencies- medical, natural, or other unexpected events. Emergency Preparedness- FEMA has lots of … Continue reading Emergency Preparedness 2017

Understanding Medicaid

Understanding Medicaid: a program frequently mentioned in the health care debates. How familiar are you with the Medicaid program, who it covers, how it is funded, and why this is such a critical discussion for health care’s future in the United States? Understanding Medicaid: What is it? Created by President Lyndon B. Johnson, this federal … Continue reading Understanding Medicaid

Health Care Reform May 2017

Health Care Reform update, May, 2017 We are being bombarded daily with sound bites about various aspects of our health care system; proposed reform, changing time lines, price increases, etc. I am sharing some recent information which I strongly urge you to read.  Keeping informed about the proposed changes to health care reform and coverage … Continue reading Health Care Reform May 2017

Creating Your Personal Preparedness Plan

Here are several areas for you to consider in creating your personal preparedness plan: for yourself and the important people in your life. Your Personal Preparedness Plan for Personal Information 18 and independent: In Illinois, once your child turns 18, you no longer have access to your child’s health care records, cannot make health care … Continue reading Creating Your Personal Preparedness Plan

Proposed Health Care Programs 2017

  There are many proposed health care program changes under discussion in this country, both at the state and federal level. This month I am sharing several recent articles, from a variety of sources, which I think provide a good overview of the current debate about health care programs nationally and the Illinois Medicaid program … Continue reading Proposed Health Care Programs 2017

Health Insurance Coverage in 2017

There is much discussion on health insurance coverage considerations for 2017 and beyond.  There is also a great deal of uncertainty: if and when there will be change to any of our health insurance coverage: private, Obamacare, Medicare, or Medicaid, what will be covered and how much will it cost. etc.  Much of the current … Continue reading Health Insurance Coverage in 2017

Medical Insurance Review

As 2016 comes to a close and you begin 2017, consider taking a few minutes to do a medical insurance review and become familiar with your policy benefits. Review your Medical Insurance Policy Do you know what physicians, hospitals, other qualified health providers and pharmacies are covered by your 2017 insurance policy? What is considered … Continue reading Medical Insurance Review

2017 Medical Insurance Enrollment

Medicare 2017 medical insurance enrollment for Medicare began October 15 and continues through December 7. I strongly encourage you to take the time to check your medication costs and find the best plan for you through the Medicare D program. The costs of prescription medications seem to be changing almost daily. Make sure your plan … Continue reading 2017 Medical Insurance Enrollment