The Medical Bill Puzzle

Here is a recent article from the New York Times discussing the complications and frustrations of the current medical billing process throughout the United States. Interesting that they compare the process to a labyrinth or puzzle, for that’s what the system has become. If you are having similar issues with your medical bills as … Continue reading The Medical Bill Puzzle

Ready or Not….Medical Care and Financial Responsibility

We are all anxiously waiting to hear the Supreme Court’s opinion on “Obamacare” tomorrow.  Is it just because I’m on the watch for articles pertaining to healthcare billing and related topics or has there recently been an increase in the information on this subject being distributed to the general public?  Thanks to those of you … Continue reading Ready or Not….Medical Care and Financial Responsibility

Healthcare Reform and Medicare A very clear explanation of Medicare benefits if the proposed health care reform measures are accepted without any changes from the Supreme Court.

Medicaid Reform in Illinois: Long Term Fix?

This morning I read in the paper about Governor Quinn of Illinois signing the bills which officially reduce the Medicaid program in Illinois while also imposing a $1 per pack tax on cigarettes. While the Medicaid program in Illinois has been in trouble for some time, I personally don’t completely understand the decisions made in … Continue reading Medicaid Reform in Illinois: Long Term Fix?

ICE part 2

Yesterday when I was renewing my license plates online at the Illinois Secretary of State site, I found a separate listing for the State of Illinois Emergency Contact Database, which has apparently been in existence since 2009.  Who knew?  Check it out: Anyway, anyone in Illinois with a driver’s license, instruction permit, or ID … Continue reading ICE part 2

Customer satisfaction poll on healthcare

I am a big fan of National Public Radio’s reporting, particularly the broad coverage they are providing relating to health issues.  You know I’ve been following their caregiver series entitled “Family Matters”. This week they have released a survey done by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health relating to … Continue reading Customer satisfaction poll on healthcare


No, this isn’t related to any weather conditions.  It stands for, “In Case of Emergency”.  Your important emergency contacts should be designated in this way on your phone. I recommend designating ICE and ICE2 if you have more than one emergency contact. I strongly urge you to create an ICE file, either hard copy or … Continue reading ICE

Centralized Medical Care Management and Information

A new site to help communicate information and care coordination between family and others caring for your loved one, which debuted in February, 2012.  CareZone is a private service cofounded by Sun Microsystems former CEO Jonathan Schwartz.  One year free, then pay $5 monthly or $48 per year (prepaid), per person you are caring for. … Continue reading Centralized Medical Care Management and Information

Aging Parents and Your Finances

NPR is broadcasting a series entitled: “Family Matters” each Tuesday beginning in April into June, focusing on adult children caring for their parents. Some have estimated that fewer than 20% of us prepare legally and financially for this situation.  And yet, nearly 10 million adult children in the United States are caring for aging parents … Continue reading Aging Parents and Your Finances

Did You Know

Medicare is the largest insurer in the United States, covering 47 million seniors and disabled individuals.