COVID-19 Current Information Early July 2020

Here is some COVID-19 current information which I would like to share with you. COVID-19 masks From the Washington Post: “Face masks with coin-sized valves on the front might appear to be better options but they are not as good at preventing the spread of coronavirus than the seemlingly lower-tech, non-valved masks….Masks are recommended to … Continue reading COVID-19 Current Information Early July 2020

More Pandemic Personal Preparedness Information

Here is more pandemic personal preparedness information for you and your loved ones to consider. Pandemic Personal Preparedness:face masks It is recommended that you wear your mask with the pleats facing down on the outside. Any droplets will fall into the mask. If you are using a cloth mask, you should wash it after every … Continue reading More Pandemic Personal Preparedness Information

Pandemic Personal Preparedness

Pandemic personal preparedness: As the COVID 19 virus continues to spread and creates anxiety and uncertainty for everyone, here are a few suggestions for you to consider before you or a loved one seek medical care for this disease. If you think you have COVID 19 and go to a hospital for treatment, you will … Continue reading Pandemic Personal Preparedness

Current Information for Living With a Pandemic

Living with a pandemic: Here is some information to share, related to the coronavirus pandemic with which we are all living and learning about daily. Living with a pandemic: being out and about Remember to take precautions; washing your hands or using sanitizer, when you use keypads, handle gas pumps, or when others handle … Continue reading Current Information for Living With a Pandemic

Medical Insurance and Your Medical Bills

Understanding your medical insurance coverage and your medical bills is critical.  Here are some facts to consider: Your Medical Insurance Buy the best medical insurance plan you can afford. Generally, the less you pay in premiums, the more you pay when you utilize any medical services. That inexpensive medical insurance plan might seem like a … Continue reading Medical Insurance and Your Medical Bills

2020 Medical Insurance Enrollment Considerations

As you decide on your personal coverage options for the 2020 Medical Insurance enrollment process, I am sharing some observations and reminders to assist you in the process. 2020 Medicare Enrollment: The enrollment period for Medicare began on October 15. There seems to be a push for enrollment in Part C or Advantage plans for … Continue reading 2020 Medical Insurance Enrollment Considerations

Health News Update: Retirement Considerations

Health news pertinent to all of us is being presented daily.  Here are a few items which might be of interest to you and your family; particularly as you prepare for retirement and obtain your health care through the Medicare program. Health News: Out of Pocket cost of Care in Retirement The latest predictions are … Continue reading Health News Update: Retirement Considerations

Your Medical Insurance Checklist

Your  medical insurance checklist should be reviewed as your new coverage becomes effective January 1.  Here are some items to consider: 1. Current Medical Insurance Card Carry this in your wallet. Take a picture and keep it on your phone. If you and your significant other have different insurance coverage, you might want to each … Continue reading Your Medical Insurance Checklist

2019 Medical Insurance Enrollment

The window for 2019 medical insurance enrollment is currently open.  Some things to consider before you enroll in any plan. Is your 2019 Medical Insurance Plan Accepted? If you have preferred providers and hospitals, check with them to see what plans they are accepting in 2019.  This might have changed from last year. If you … Continue reading 2019 Medical Insurance Enrollment

Paying for Health Care

who should pay for health care? Paying for health care: the conversations continue in Washington about Medicare: reduce, eliminate, or even expand the program to universal coverage. It is my opinion that many in Washington really don’t know much about the current program, looking only at the bottom line and not at the Medicare recipients.  … Continue reading Paying for Health Care