Once Again Living Independently

My mother has been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation facilities over the the past three years. My wife unexpectedly died in May, 2011.  It has been a very stressful few years.

Kathy assisted my sisters and me with questions relating to our Mother’s care and care/support options during one of the hospital stays when Mother was very ill with an infection and several other medical problems; resisting treatments which had been recommended by her physicians, and telling the family she was ready to die. Following discussions between Kathy, my mother (separately), and the children, my Mother agreed to the recommended treatments. Kathy also was able to attend a weekly patient staffing meeting at the rehabilitation facility when family members were unable to attend. She provided the family with a report on the conference that day, with her recommendations on questions which we should ask regarding Mother’s ongoing care, which were very helpful.

Following my wife’s death, Kathy assisted me with all of the medical bills and related paperwork (including disability, Medicare, and private insurance). During this review process, Kathy was able to quickly find the pertinent information on each document and made an insurmountable task easy. If I had any additional questions, she was able to provide a quick and accurate response. She was able to explain to me which bills should be paid immediately and which bills should be paid after additional information was provided to me.

I am very grateful for all the assistance Kathy has given my family and me. She was able to zero in on details that we were either not aware of or had not considered. Kathy’s firm, no nonsense approach really made a difference with my Mother’s outcome. My mother is once again living independently at home.

– Robert P. Malcher