Gave Me Confidence

My mother, who is 91 years old and lives alone, experienced a fall, resulting in a wrist fracture, severe bruising, a mild concussion, and a very nasty contusion five weeks ago.  My mother does not recall how she fell.  I am concerned that this might happen again, and perhaps with more serious consequences.

I did not know who to turn to for advice about the short term and long term, with the exception of Kathy, who I knew was an expert on medical finances and geriatric care giving.  Kathy was there for me, spending quite a long time on the phone giving great advice about how to deal with immediate needs, such as recommending an alert device for my mother (including speaking with someone about my situation, resulting in my being contacted by that person the next day) and about who to seek out for home nursing care for my mother.

Even more importantly, Kathy gave me the confidence to deal with the situation in a more reasoned way, as opposed to the panic that I felt immediately after the incident. Kathy has a way or providing practical information in a way that even someone under extreme stress can understand and follow up with. And of course, Kathy followed up on numerous occasions.  I would recommend Kathy to those with similar situations and needs.

– Jolanta Juszkiewicz