Medical Insurance and Your Medical Bills

Understanding your medical insurance coverage and your medical bills is critical.  Here are some facts to consider: Your Medical Insurance Buy the best medical insurance plan you can afford. Generally, the less you pay in premiums, the more you pay when you utilize any medical services. That inexpensive medical insurance plan might seem like a … Continue reading Medical Insurance and Your Medical Bills

The Medical Bill Puzzle

Here is a recent article from the New York Times discussing the complications and frustrations of the current medical billing process throughout the United States. Interesting that they compare the process to a labyrinth or puzzle, for that’s what the system has become. If you are having similar issues with your medical bills as … Continue reading The Medical Bill Puzzle


I would like to continue the dialog with you regarding your recent experiences with medical billing and insurance coverage questions.  How did you resolve your problem?  What resources did you use which might be beneficial to others?  Or, maybe you have a wonderful agency or facility you have used recently which might be a consideration … Continue reading Sharing