2020 Medical Insurance Enrollment Considerations

As you decide on your personal coverage options for the 2020 Medical Insurance enrollment process, I am sharing some observations and reminders to assist you in the process. 2020 Medicare Enrollment: The enrollment period for Medicare began on October 15. There seems to be a push for enrollment in Part C or Advantage plans for … Continue reading 2020 Medical Insurance Enrollment Considerations

Your Medical Insurance Checklist

Your  medical insurance checklist should be reviewed as your new coverage becomes effective January 1.  Here are some items to consider: 1. Current Medical Insurance Card Carry this in your wallet. Take a picture and keep it on your phone. If you and your significant other have different insurance coverage, you might want to each … Continue reading Your Medical Insurance Checklist

2019 Medical Insurance Enrollment

The window for 2019 medical insurance enrollment is currently open.  Some things to consider before you enroll in any plan. Is your 2019 Medical Insurance Plan Accepted? If you have preferred providers and hospitals, check with them to see what plans they are accepting in 2019.  This might have changed from last year. If you … Continue reading 2019 Medical Insurance Enrollment

Medical Insurance Coverage: Now & 2019

Medical insurance coverage: It appears that everyone is trying to determine what medical insurance open enrollment will look like later this year: who will be eligible, how much it will cost, what will be covered, who is eligible to enroll in which plans.  Here is what we currently know: Medical Insurance coverage: be familiar with … Continue reading Medical Insurance Coverage: Now & 2019

Health Insurance Information: April 2018

Health insurance continues to be in the news again this month. vacation time According to the US Travel Association’s Project: Time Off, 55% of Americans who receive paid vacation time had unused days at the end of 2016. The result: 662 million vacation days not utilized. If you haven’t already done so, start planning how … Continue reading Health Insurance Information: April 2018

2018 Medical Insurance Update

2018 Medical Insurance information Yes, January is almost over. But, I expect that you have just recently begun to receive bills related to medical services you had in January.  Do you have an online account with your medical insurance provider? If not, take a few minutes to create one soon. You will need your insurance … Continue reading 2018 Medical Insurance Update

Your Health Coverage in 2018

Your Health Coverage enrollment Have you completed your medical insurance enrollment for 2018? Please take the time between now and January 1 to review your benefits coverage: maximum out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays and deductibles, prescription program choices and costs, emergency and hospital coverage, etc. If you haven’t already created an online account with your insurance provider, … Continue reading Your Health Coverage in 2018

2018 Open Enrollment

The health insurance open enrollment season is upon us. Here are some things to consider as you review your options and enroll in a health insurance plan for 2018. Insurance through an Exchange Open enrollment begins November 1 and ends December 15; half the enrollment period of last year. Also, be aware that the exchanges … Continue reading 2018 Open Enrollment

Rethinking Long Term Care Options

Rethinking Long Term Care Options This morning I read about Genworth’s recent study on long term care costs in this country. They have been providing very helpful information, geographic specific as well as national trends, since 2004. The findings for 2017: the second highest increase in long term care costs since they began their reporting. … Continue reading Rethinking Long Term Care Options

Long Term Care Costs Increase in 2017

Long term care costs are predicted to continue to increase.  Recent studies released by Genworth indicate this year’s long term care cost increases are the second highest since they have begun their reporting in 2004. Have you planned for your long term care expenses? Nursing Home Costs It is predicted that a private nursing home … Continue reading Long Term Care Costs Increase in 2017