Proposed Health Care Programs 2017

  There are many proposed health care program changes under discussion in this country, both at the state and federal level. This month I am sharing several recent articles, from a variety of sources, which I think provide a good overview of the current debate about health care programs nationally and the Illinois Medicaid program … Continue reading Proposed Health Care Programs 2017

Health Care News

Not surprisingly, health care news is prevalent, both locally and nationally.  There are several areas which might impact either you or your loved ones directly. Health Care News: Price and Utilization Geographically Influenced What you pay for your health care and how easy it is to access care is definitely determined by your location in … Continue reading Health Care News

Age in Place or Downsize?

Age in Place or Downsize? Age in place of downsize?  These are questions many are asking as they prepare for retirement.  Increasingly the trend seems to be staying in your current home for as long as possible, where you are comfortable.  Here is an article with some considerations of adjustments to make to your home … Continue reading Age in Place or Downsize?

Preparing for Your Discharge Home

If you or a loved one are scheduled for a hospital or rehab facility stay, are you also preparing for your discharge home? Initial Considerations Have you made arrangements for your mail and paper delivery? Does someone have a key to your home? Is your emergency contact list current and appropriately shared? Logistical Considerations If … Continue reading Preparing for Your Discharge Home

Hospital Observation or Admitted

Hospital Observation or Admitted??? While not a new classification for patient care, there has been a marked increase in placing a patient under hospital observation rather than formally admitting an individual to the hospital as an inpatient. This is especially true if your health benefits are covered by Medicare. Reasons for the Change Under the … Continue reading Hospital Observation or Admitted

Long Term Care

Long term care: something often in the news but not totally understood.  Long term care: something which impacts all of us, whether it is taking care of loved ones or considering our own personal care. What is Long Term Care? Broadly defined, long term care is when an individual is no longer able to care … Continue reading Long Term Care