Stroke Symptoms

Stroke symptoms:  Do you know the identifying signs of someone having a stroke? If you suspect someone if having a stroke, ask these questions: 1.  S: Ask the individual to SMILE 2. T:  Ask the person to TALK and Speak a simple sentence (coherently)  (i.e. chicken soup) 3. R:  Ask the person to raise both … Continue reading Stroke Symptoms

National Preparedness

September has been designated at National Preparedness month by FEMA: the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  They have prepared information which I recommend to everyone. Topics include: 1.  Reconnect with Family after a Disaster 2. Know How to Plan for Specific Needs before a Disaster 3. How to Build an Emergency Kit 4. How to Practice … Continue reading National Preparedness

Stroke Signs and Stroke Prevention

Stroke signs and stroke prevention: could you tell if you or someone else was having a stroke? Stroke Signs F is for face        Is one side of your fact drooping? A is for arms      Can you raise both arms, or is one arm weak? S is for speech   Is your speech slurred, or are you … Continue reading Stroke Signs and Stroke Prevention

Illinois Emergency Contact Database

You should take a moment now to update your emergency contact information in the Illinois Emergency Contact Database.  Planning on traveling this summer?  In the event of an emergency situation, law enforcement may access the database to help them reach your designated contacts. Emergency Contact Database Information You can contact obtain more information on the … Continue reading Illinois Emergency Contact Database

Preventive Medical Care

Preventive medical care is an important component of the Affordable Care Act. Any medical insurance policy which began September 23, 2010 or later must cover the designated preventive medicare care services without requiring a co-pay or out of pocket expense to the insured. What’s Covered There are 15 covered preventive services for adults, 22 covered … Continue reading Preventive Medical Care

National Preparedness Month

September Designated as National Preparedness Month This morning I read a brief article which stated that September was National Preparedness Month.  Since I was going to include some emergency preparation pointers in my post, I thought I would expand upon the topic a bit, and share even more information and resources with you. Resources for … Continue reading National Preparedness Month

Health Screenings

Health Screenings I recently celebrated a birthday.  I was surprised to receive an email birthday greeting from my doctor, but smiled when it was a friendly reminder to make an appointment for my annual physical.  It certainly is an easy way to remember something so important as we age.  Someone should have probably thought of … Continue reading Health Screenings

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month.  Do you know the signs and symptoms?  Approximately 795,000 strokes occur in this country every year. Identifying the Signs of a Stroke Try the FAST technique for identifying the potential signs of a stroke: F = FACE         Ask the person to smile.  Does one side of the … Continue reading May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Prepare Now for 2013

We should all take a few moments and prepare now for 2013 and whatever may come our way in the days ahead. Specifically, prepare now for 2013 by: 1.  Making it a routine to back up all of your gadgets: phones, computers, tablets on a routine basis. 2.  Routinely clean the screen of your phone, … Continue reading Prepare Now for 2013

Happy Holidays???

This time of year does not necessarily mean happy holidays for everyone.  This could be due to several factors: 1.  You are still not economically stable, due to unemployment, underemployment, foreclosure, high debt levels…. 2.  You live in a part of the country where the weather is changing: dark, dreary, and cold days, with the … Continue reading Happy Holidays???