Your Health Care

Several topics relating to your health care information: preparing for a doctor’s visit Some suggestions for your to consider before your next doctor visit: Make a list of your questions in advance of the visit Write down any symptoms and questions before your visit so you don’t forget them. Most doctors are spending much less … Continue reading Your Health Care

March 2018 Health Care Update

Health Care Update: In the News Health care update: highlights from recent news stories: Aetna and United health Care have announced that they will pass along drug rebates and discounts they receive from pharmaceutical companies to those insured by them. I do not have the effective date for either of these programs. Advocate Health Care … Continue reading March 2018 Health Care Update

Health Care News February 2018

Health care continues to be in the news daily. Mergers, in many forms, are under discussion: CVS and Aetna Insurance, Albertson’s and Rite Aid, Walgreens and Rite Aid, Advocate Health System in Illinois merging with Aurora Health System in Wisconsin, etc. And, of course, the news about Amazon; currently providing medical supplies to health systems … Continue reading Health Care News February 2018

Avoiding Drug Interactions

Avoiding Drug Interactions Do you know if you, or loved ones for whom you are caring, are at risk for drug interactions?  It is not uncommon to be taking multiple medications, both prescribed and over the counter products, on a daily basis. Do you know what foods and other products should not be taken with … Continue reading Avoiding Drug Interactions

First Aid Kit Supplies

Getting ready for a summer vacation? You might want to consider adding these additional first aid kit supplies to your current first aid kit. 1.  Baby wipes: Good for quick cleaning 2. Hand towel: Create a clean surface for your supplies or use it to stop bleeding wounds or other clean up from an accident … Continue reading First Aid Kit Supplies


Did you know that stroke is: The leading cause of long-term disability in the United States The third leading cause of death The quicker treatment occurs, the lower the risk of serious, long-term injury What is a Stroke? A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted. There are several kinds … Continue reading Stroke

First Aid Kit

First aid kits; something I hadn’t considered for quite a long time.  Then, I read an article about the newly revised classifications for first aid kits in the workplace and the items required.  Had me considering how current the first aid kits and other emergency supplies are in my own household. First Aid Kit Locations … Continue reading First Aid Kit

Keeping Warm

Keeping warm: something most of us take for granted.  Or, keeping cool if you live in warmer climates.  As winter weather has finally hit most of the United States, it is time to consider ways to assist others in keeping warm in the months ahead. Warm Coats Did you know that 15% of Americans can’t … Continue reading Keeping Warm

Stroke Symptoms

Stroke symptoms:  Do you know the identifying signs of someone having a stroke? If you suspect someone if having a stroke, ask these questions: 1.  S: Ask the individual to SMILE 2. T:  Ask the person to TALK and Speak a simple sentence (coherently)  (i.e. chicken soup) 3. R:  Ask the person to raise both … Continue reading Stroke Symptoms

National Preparedness

September has been designated at National Preparedness month by FEMA: the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  They have prepared information which I recommend to everyone. Topics include: 1.  Reconnect with Family after a Disaster 2. Know How to Plan for Specific Needs before a Disaster 3. How to Build an Emergency Kit 4. How to Practice … Continue reading National Preparedness