Medicare Wellness Visits

Did you know that if you have Medicare Part B you are eligible for annual wellness visits? Introductory Visit This Medicare wellness visit can only occur within the first twelve months of your enrolling in the Medicare program.  It gives you and your physician an opportunity to review your history, determine consideration of services for … Continue reading Medicare Wellness Visits

Medicaid Expansion Illinois Law

Medicaid Expansion Becomes Illinois Law On July 22 Governor Quinn signed a bill making the Medicaid expansion Illinois law.  Up to 500,000 citizens of Illinois will be newly eligible for Medicaid coverage beginning in January, 2014, including low-income adults who don’t have children at home.  It is currently expected that up to 342,000 will enroll … Continue reading Medicaid Expansion Illinois Law

Medicare Information, Part I

Medicare Information, Part I This is intended for the person getting ready to apply for Medicare coverage for the first time, the child of a parent who is enrolled in the program and needs more information, or someone who might be eligible for Medicare because of disability.  Future posts will provide additional information about the … Continue reading Medicare Information, Part I

Obamacare and Sequestration

Obamacare and Sequestration appear several times daily in the media and news reports, along with information specific to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  And every day each writer seems to have a different opinion or information on the topic.  Here is what I have found available today.  Please take a minute to review, as there … Continue reading Obamacare and Sequestration

Sequestration Impacts Health Care

Sequestration Impacts Health Care How will sequestration impact health care? If no agreements are reached by March 1, 2013, sequestration cuts will impact health care in many ways.  The sequester cuts would remain in place for the remainder of the federal government fiscal year, which ends September 30. It is estimated that these cuts in … Continue reading Sequestration Impacts Health Care

Health Care Changes in 2013

There are several health care changes in 2013 of which you should be aware. Medicare Taxes Increase  Two new  taxes have been introduced in 2013 to finance the Medicare program.  Employers will deduct 7.65% in payroll taxes each paycheck, with 1.45% of those taxes to assist in the payment of Medicare hospital bills.  In 2013 … Continue reading Health Care Changes in 2013

2013 Health Care Changes

2013 Health care changes are once again a primary topic, now that our worries about the fiscal cliff are at least temporarily over. Affordable Care Act Changes effective in 2013 Here is a link to a recent Washington Post article which provides some information on five 2013 health care changes as part of the Affordable … Continue reading 2013 Health Care Changes

Assistance for Aging Veterans with Home Care and Assisted Living

Just found a site to assist Aging Veterans and their families with home care services and assisted living:  Includes links to agencies by state which are part of this program.  Veterans must be 65 or older or permanently disabled to qualify for the program.  Widows of veterans also qualify for some coverage at a … Continue reading Assistance for Aging Veterans with Home Care and Assisted Living

Medicare A to D explained

While we have all heard of the Medicare program and know people who are enrolled, until you actually participate you don’t realize that there are several components: A,B,C, and D. Medicare A covers inpatient expenses for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and some home health services (generally considered skilled care; provided by medical professionals). Medicare … Continue reading Medicare A to D explained

Medicare Open Enrollment Has Begun

The Medicare open enrollment period this year is from October 15 to December 7, 2012.  To find specific information about Part D prescription drug coverage and Medicare Advantage plans (offered through private insurers) you can check on or websites of organizations providing Medicare D drug programs or Medicare Advantage health plans. Premiums are increasing … Continue reading Medicare Open Enrollment Has Begun