Paying for Health Care

who should pay for health care? Paying for health care: the conversations continue in Washington about Medicare: reduce, eliminate, or even expand the program to universal coverage. It is my opinion that many in Washington really don’t know much about the current program, looking only at the bottom line and not at the Medicare recipients.  … Continue reading Paying for Health Care

2018 Medical Insurance Update

2018 Medical Insurance information Yes, January is almost over. But, I expect that you have just recently begun to receive bills related to medical services you had in January.  Do you have an online account with your medical insurance provider? If not, take a few minutes to create one soon. You will need your insurance … Continue reading 2018 Medical Insurance Update

Understanding Medicaid

Understanding Medicaid: a program frequently mentioned in the health care debates. How familiar are you with the Medicaid program, who it covers, how it is funded, and why this is such a critical discussion for health care’s future in the United States? Understanding Medicaid: What is it? Created by President Lyndon B. Johnson, this federal … Continue reading Understanding Medicaid

Proposed Health Care Programs 2017

  There are many proposed health care program changes under discussion in this country, both at the state and federal level. This month I am sharing several recent articles, from a variety of sources, which I think provide a good overview of the current debate about health care programs nationally and the Illinois Medicaid program … Continue reading Proposed Health Care Programs 2017

Health Insurance Coverage in 2017

There is much discussion on health insurance coverage considerations for 2017 and beyond.  There is also a great deal of uncertainty: if and when there will be change to any of our health insurance coverage: private, Obamacare, Medicare, or Medicaid, what will be covered and how much will it cost. etc.  Much of the current … Continue reading Health Insurance Coverage in 2017

2016 Benefit Changes

There are several 2016 benefit changes of which you should be aware. Increased Out of Pocket Expenses Medicare D (the prescription portion of the Medicare program) anticipates that individuals will be paying approximately 13% more out of pocket for their prescriptions than they did in 2015. I recommend using one of the drug calculators to … Continue reading 2016 Benefit Changes

Medicare Enrollment

Time for a quick review of Medicare enrollment considerations, as you or a family member is preparing for retirement. When should I begin the process? You should prepare for your retirement and learn about your health insurance options well in advance of turning 65. You have a lot of information to consider and many decisions … Continue reading Medicare Enrollment

Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits: a government program which we talk about all the time. But how much do you know about this program? Benefits from Social Security can be received as: A retirement benefit Because of a disability A benefit to survivors of workers who have died (spouse, child, or dependent parent) It was never intended … Continue reading Social Security Benefits

Veteran Benefits

Are you familiar with the veteran benefits available to veterans and their families? As we celebrate Memorial Day, it seems an appropriate time to review some of these options. Revised Website has been recently revised. It includes information on veteran benefits, including:  disability benefits  education and training  vocational rehab and employment assistance  home loans … Continue reading Veteran Benefits

Medicare Wellness Visits

Did you know that if you have Medicare Part B you are eligible for annual wellness visits? Introductory Visit This Medicare wellness visit can only occur within the first twelve months of your enrolling in the Medicare program.  It gives you and your physician an opportunity to review your history, determine consideration of services for … Continue reading Medicare Wellness Visits