November has been designated as National Caregivers Month.  This includes a wide range of individuals for whom we should be very thankful. Caregivers may be paid or unpaid, relatives, friends, or individuals for which this is their chosen profession. If you have ever been a caregiver, you know how challenging the job can be.  Whether … Continue reading Caregivers

Caregiving Options

Have you ever considered what caregiving options are available to you and your family, if the need should ever arise?  November has been designated at National Caregivers’ Month.  At this time of the year when we gather to give thanks, we should definitely include the caregivers on our list. THE COSTS OF CAREGIVING Let’s begin … Continue reading Caregiving Options

The Sandwich Generation

Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation?  It is estimated that 24 million Americans are Sandwich Generation caregivers: individuals who have a parent aged 65 or older who are also caring for at least one dependent child.  In fact, 33% of the Baby Boomers and 42% of Gen Xers fit this category.  That means … Continue reading The Sandwich Generation

The Costs of Being a Family Caregiver

Are you currently the family caregiver for an aging relative?  Chances are you are also spending your own money to provide this care; approximately $5,000 a year or more.  The number of adults taking care of elderly/aging relatives has tripled in the past 15 years, and will probably continue to increase in the years ahead … Continue reading The Costs of Being a Family Caregiver

Customer satisfaction poll on healthcare

I am a big fan of National Public Radio’s reporting, particularly the broad coverage they are providing relating to health issues.  You know I’ve been following their caregiver series entitled “Family Matters”. This week they have released a survey done by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health relating to … Continue reading Customer satisfaction poll on healthcare

Centralized Medical Care Management and Information

A new site to help communicate information and care coordination between family and others caring for your loved one, which debuted in February, 2012.  CareZone is a private service cofounded by Sun Microsystems former CEO Jonathan Schwartz.  One year free, then pay $5 monthly or $48 per year (prepaid), per person you are caring for. … Continue reading Centralized Medical Care Management and Information

Aging Parents and Your Finances

NPR is broadcasting a series entitled: “Family Matters” each Tuesday beginning in April into June, focusing on adult children caring for their parents. Some have estimated that fewer than 20% of us prepare legally and financially for this situation.  And yet, nearly 10 million adult children in the United States are caring for aging parents … Continue reading Aging Parents and Your Finances