More Pandemic Personal Preparedness Information

Here is more pandemic personal preparedness information for you and your loved ones to consider.

Pandemic Personal Preparedness:face masks

It is recommended that you wear your mask with the pleats facing down on the outside. Any droplets will fall into the mask. If you are using a cloth mask, you should wash it after every wearing. You should also be careful when removing the mask from your face. Here are a few more suggestions:

Pandemic Personal Preparedness: if you are hospitalized

In the event you are hospitalized, remember to bring the chargers for any electronic devices: phone, tablet, etc.

In my last posting I included a medical history form (found in the forms section of this website). It is also being recommended that you complete a HIPAA release form. This will allow the medical professionals to speak with your designees about your medical condition. This can be someone other than the individual you have authorized as your Medical Power of Attorney. I have included a sample HIPAA release form.  You can find others on-ine or speak with your attorney for further assistance. HIPAA 1HIPAA 2HIPAA 3

Please remember that you will be entering the hospital unaccompanied while the pandemic continues in this country. I have my personal medical history paperwork in a large envelope with my name on the outside in my “To Go” bag; just in case. My designated emergency contact also has a copy of all this information.

Pandemic Personal Preparedness: medical insurance coverage

Most medical insurance companies are waiving deductibles and co-pays for COVID-19 treatment; at least through May 30, 2020. As this pandemic continues, I would anticipate that those dates could be extended, probably dependent upon your geographic location and the level of severity of the pandemic nationally.

If you have lost your job and your obtained your medical insurance through your employer:

1. You can continue your coverage through COBRA for up to 18 months. You will be responsible for the full monthly premium for your policy (the portion you were previously paying and the portion your employer paid). You should receive information from your employer about this option within 30 days of being laid off. there is a 60-day time limit for enrolling in COBRA from your first day of unemployment.

2. You can enroll in another medical insurance program. Loss of job is a life changing event which entitles you to enroll outside of the annual enrollment period in November/December. Becuase you are enrolling while unemployed, you might be eligible for subsidies through the exchange (

Pandemic personal preparedness: your digital world

You should create a list of your digital accounts and passwords and how to access them for your trusted loved one(s). This includes your financial accounts online, email, social medica accounts, photographs in cloud storage, etc. Your designated family member or loved one can then retrieve the information and secure these accounts if anything should happen to you.

I hope that this additional information is helpful to you and your loved ones during these very strange and troubling times in which we are all living.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.


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