Current Information for Living With a Pandemic

Living with a pandemic: Here is some information to share, related to the coronavirus pandemic with which we are all living and learning about daily.

Living with a pandemic: being out and about

Remember to take precautions; washing your hands or using sanitizer, when you use keypads, handle gas pumps, or when others handle your credit and debit cards for payment.

Consider shopping during the designated hours for seniors (if appropriate) to avoid crowds. Better yet, check your preferred grocery stores for delivery or curbside pick-up options and avoid the crowds completely.

Living with a pandemic: telehealth

Call your doctor to see if your appointment can be conducted over a device using video technology, including a smartphone with video capability.  Medicare has announced that they will temporarily cover telehealth services for common office visits, mental health counseling and preventive health screenings.

medical insurance coverage for pandemics:

As of this writing most of the medical insurance providers have agreed to waive or cover the cost of the corona virus testing without co-pays. Check your policy benefits to see what will be covered if you are diagnosed and hospitalized with the coronavirus. This could include intensive care hospitalization, lab tests, medical equipment, etc. While it might never happen, better to have some understanding of your possible out of pocket responsibility.

living with a pandemic: quarantine

Some individuals who have been placed in quarantine are receiving bills for their stay in mandated facilities. The federal and state government has the authority to quarantine and isolate patients if officials believe them to be a public health threat but they are not obligated to pay for the quarantine associated expenses.

living with a pandemic: government action

Details of the Families First Coronavirus Response Bill outlined in this link.,%202020-_-NHR%20C-00203854%20032020%20HRClicks%20March%20(1)-_-news1&utm_source=silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NHR%20C-00203854%20032020%20HRClicks%20March%20(1)&

other resources:

Both of these federal government sites have information specific to the pandemic.

FEMA’s website is

Finally, some good news, released March 23, 2020:

These are challenging times, marked with great uncertainty. I encourage you to phone friends and loved ones or communicate via social media. Very few of us are used to the isolation we are experiencing while sheltering in place.



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