Medical Insurance Coverage: Now & 2019

Medical insurance coverage: It appears that everyone is trying to determine what medical insurance open enrollment will look like later this year: who will be eligible, how much it will cost, what will be covered, who is eligible to enroll in which plans.  Here is what we currently know:

Medical Insurance coverage: be familiar with your policy benefits before you need to use them

Don’t be surprised when you get a bill for items which you thought were covered by your medical insurance policy. Create an online account with your insurance provider and review the statement of benefits which you should have received during the enrollment period at the end of last year. Speak with the plan administrator for your corporate medical insurance program or ask an advocate to review your insurance information with you. We are all paying more this year for our medical care, including prescriptions, than we did last year. I anticipate that we could be paying even more out of pocket in 2019.

medical insurance Coverage: medicare recipients can pay less for their prescription drugs

The Medicare D prescription drug program is confusing. The donut hole is still with us, though continuing to decrease in size until it is eliminated in 2020. By regulation, the Medicare program is not allowed to negotiate drug prices with the drug companies. You might be able to obtain your medications at a lower price by speaking with your pharmacist.

medical insurance Coverage in 2019

The Republicans continue to attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even though millions would then be without medical insurance coverage.

President Trump has proposed the association health plan: cheaper premiums, but also less medical insurance coverage. While I have not seen details, I am not sure that this is really a good alternative for many. If you are considering enrolling in an association plan next year, make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered. The premiums might be less than what you are currently paying but the coverage might also be less than what you currently have.

Finally, a court ruling which leave the insurance companies without previously promised reimbursement from the government. I am anticipating that this financial loss will become the insured’s financial burden next year.

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