Your Health Care

Several topics relating to your health care information:

preparing for a doctor’s visit

Some suggestions for your to consider before your next doctor visit:

  • Make a list of your questions in advance of the visit
  • Write down any symptoms and questions before your visit so you don’t forget them. Most doctors are spending much less time with their patients than in the past. You want to make sure your reasons for the visit are covered before you leave the office.
  • Have a family member or someone you trust join you, or, tell the doctor you will be recording the conversation on your phone.
  • Have your medication list, including vaccines, in written form. A medication form is available on this website. Update this list every time you have a change in mediation or dosage or a discontinuation of a medication. Give a copy to a loved one for emergency purposes and keep a copy with you (on your phone works well).
women’s covered health care services

Did you know that the following preventive services are covered through the Affordable Care Act?

  • Annual well-woman visit
  • Screenings for beast cancer, cervical cancer, domestic violence, gestational diabetes & HIV
  • Entitled to free contraception and sexually transmitted infection counseling, breastfeeding education and supplies.

Check your plan and your bill following your visit for any of the above listed items. If they are not covered by your insurance plan, you probably have grounds for an appeal. For more info, check the website:

social media use and your health care information privacy

More information on how your personal and health information might be used without your knowledge. In this age of technology, privacy is viewed very differently.

health savings account contributions

On A[ril 26, 2018 the IRS restored the original contribution limit. The 2018 limit for families is $6900; $7900 for those eligible for catch-up contributions.

why the debate about health care continues

We are all familiar with the state and federally run health care programs: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and VA. Did you ever consider just how much these programs cost the government annually?

We all need to participate in this discussion to ensure that those eligible for care can receive it and that those providing the care are charging consistent and reasonable rates, wherever you may live.

medical billing errors

The majority of advocacy assistance inquiries I have received so far this year are focused on medical billing mistakes. According to the Medical Billing Advocates of America, eight out of ten hospital bills contain errors. Carefully review both your bill and the explanation of benefits documentation from your insurance provider. You might be surprised what you find. Contact me for assistance with your personal medical billing and insurance coverage questions.

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