March 2018 Health Care Update

Health Care Update: In the News

Health care update: highlights from recent news stories:

  • Aetna and United health Care have announced that they will pass along drug rebates and discounts they receive from pharmaceutical companies to those insured by them. I do not have the effective date for either of these programs.
  • Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care are creating a 27-hospital system in Illinois and Wisconsin, with $10.7 billion in combined revenue; the 10th largest not-for-profit system in the country.
  • Ascension and Providence are re-thinking their merger to create the largest US hospital chain. Patients not paying their bills or seeking alternative care outside hospitals seem to be reasons for the re-evaluation of the deal as currently configured.
Health Care Update: New Transportation Options

Unable to drive or use public transportation to get to a scheduled medical visit or procedure? There’s an app for that. Providers want to make sure that you get the care you require, even if you have transportation challenges. And, they are willing to pay for it to avoid more serious health complications. Check for the availability of this service or other options in your area.

Health Care Update: How Do We define family?

The definition of family seems to be constantly changing. Our employment policies are beginning to change to reflect the needs of our employees and community.

Health care update: special delivery

Having a surgical or other medical procedure that will result in your being homebound? The increased competition with Amazon and local businesses seems to be causing an upsurge in delivery options for your grocery and home supply needs. Check your local grocery store, Costco, Peapod, and Amazon for the best deals near you. The quality of the produce is top notch, they often will accept your coupons, you can specify a window of time for delivery (some even same day), and, if you spend enough, the delivery charges are often waived as well.

health care update: planning ahead

Yes, you need a will, medical and financial power of attorney authorization, and someone who knows where everything can be found. Have you considered what happens to your bank accounts when you die?

It is never too late to have “the talk” with your family members or trusted individuals who can act on your behalf.  Consider having this conversation soon and make your wishes known. You  never know when you might need assistance or need someone to serve as your representative.

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