2018 Medical Insurance Update

2018 Medical Insurance information

Yes, January is almost over. But, I expect that you have just recently begun to receive bills related to medical services you had in January.  Do you have an online account with your medical insurance provider? If not, take a few minutes to create one soon. You will need your insurance card to begin the process. Once enrolled, you will have access to your medical claims, your deductible, pharmacy, and out of pocket information, as well as a directory of providers who are accepting your medical insurance.

new medicare cards for 2018

Beginning in 2018, Medicare cards will no longer have your Social Security number as your Medicare identification number. Instead, a unique, randomly-assigned number will be used.  The cards will be mailed beginning in April 2018; the process anticipated to be completed by April 2019. The new cards are being issued to help prevent fraud and combat identity theft. There is a 21-month transition period where healthcare providers can verify the new information or use the Social Security Medicare card using secure look-up tools provided by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Great idea. I expect there is going to be some confusion while this transition occurs.

Medicare Price increase in 2018

Your increased Social Security payment in 2018 will not necessarily cover the increased costs of Medicare B.


understanding the difference between medicaid and medicare

A lot of discussion lately about Medicaid. Some information which might help clarify the two federally funded programs.


let’s not forget long term care

As you prepare for your retirement, no matter how soon or far away, you need to consider how you are going to pay for your health care and related needs. http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/sns-bc-us–on-the-money-long-term-care-20171115-story.html#share=email~story

No matter what medical insurance you have for 2018, it is important that you stay informed about your benefits, the changes in your coverage, your providers, and the costs associated with your care.  Please contact me if you have specific questions about your coverage or related issues.

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