Proposed Health Care Programs 2017


There are many proposed health care program changes under discussion in this country, both at the state and federal level. This month I am sharing several recent articles, from a variety of sources, which I think provide a good overview of the current debate about health care programs nationally and the Illinois Medicaid program in particular.

I encourage you to become familiar with your current insurance coverage, so that you know what changes are being proposed for you as the year progresses. You should also review any bills which you receive for medical treatments and prescriptions to verify their accuracy. My husband and I have been in touch with our medical insurance provider several times already this year because of the need for clarification and corrections in payment determinations.

Please also consider contacting your legislators at both the federal and state level, to let them know your particular concerns about any or all of the proposed changes to the current health care programs. While there might be problems with the current ACA program (Obamacare), there needs to be an acceptable plan to replace it before it is eliminated. Cost is not the only area to be considered. Coverage for those who require medical care, no matter what age or economic status, also needs to be a primary component of any program enacted.

The Current Republican health care program proposal:

Fewer would be covered by Republican health plan:

Possible changes in current essential health care program benefits:

Tax considerations on health care program benefits:

Cook County and Medicaid block grants:

Governor Rauner’s proposal for Illinois Medicaid program:

Please contact me if you need assistance with your medical billing issues.

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