Health Insurance Coverage in 2017

There is much discussion on health insurance coverage considerations for 2017 and beyond.  There is also a great deal of uncertainty: if and when there will be change to any of our health insurance coverage: private, Obamacare, Medicare, or Medicaid, what will be covered and how much will it cost. etc.  Much of the current health insurance coverage information being provided appears to contain conjecture and few details. We are not even sure when any changes beyond last week’s Executive Order might next occur.

Steps to Take
  1. January 31, 2017 was the last day to enroll for Obamacare if you don’t already have medical insurance coverage. After that, open enrollment for 2017 coverage will be allowable only for life changing events: marriage, divorce, having a child.
  2. Schedule your checkups sooner rather than later while you know your health insurance coverage benefits and you know approximately how much it will cost. Have as complete a list as possible of your health concerns for possible follow-ups tests and specialists to discuss with your doctor.
  3. Schedule your elective surgery or life-saving screenings sooner rather than later, including colonoscopies and joint replacements. These might not be covered as fully or at all in future insurance options.
  4. Obamacare’s current coverage includes pregnancy, delivery, and infant care benefits. Before Obamacare, 90% of health plans did not include any maternity coverage. Who knows what the next phase will include?
Who Will be IMpacted by Proposed changes?

The proposed changes to health insurance coverage are not only for those currently receiving insurance through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Insurance companies will very likely make changes to all of the plans they offer based upon the revised government guidelines. Medicare and Medicaid are also under discussion for major changes in access, oversight, benefit coverage, and cost.

Review Your Current health insurance Coverage

If you haven’t already reviewed your medical insurance coverage for this year, I encourage you to do it as soon as possible. Contact me if you would like some assistance in understanding your benefits and what it will cost you beyond your monthly premiums. I know that many of you are still recovering from sticker shock on the dramatic increase in your monthly premiums.

Recent Health Insurance articles

I am including several articles from diverse sources to provide you with more information on the conversations and confusion currently ongoing regarding our health benefits.

The proposed plan from the HHS nominee:

Not easy to make a quick change:

Possible scenario of Obamacare repeal:

Obamacare changes and Medicare:

Let Your Voice Be Heard

After you have become a health expert for you and your family members, consider contacting your legislators and other elected officials to let them know what is important to you regarding future health insurance coverage considerations. Most Senators and Congressmen will have a staff member dealing specifically with health issues. Don’t hesitate to call or email them regularly. Become and active participant in this critical discussion.

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