Health Care News

Not surprisingly, health care news is prevalent, both locally and nationally.  There are several areas which might impact either you or your loved ones directly.

Health Care News: Price and Utilization Geographically Influenced

What you pay for your health care and how easy it is to access care is definitely determined by your location in the United States.  Will we continue to try and make the costs more standardized on a national basis?

Health Care Insurance Premiums Increase

Insurance premiums are anticipated to rise once again for coverage beginning in January, 2017. Current estimates are an average of 11%; higher than in the past several years.

Insurance providers on the Obamacare exchanges are either deciding to not be a part of the exchanges for 2017 or are requesting double digit price increases for some of the products offered on the exchange. As you have no doubt read, the influx of patients who are newly insured because of the Obamacare mandate have, in many cases, very serious health considerations, resulting in the insurance companies having to pay more than initially anticipated for care coverage.

Out of Pocket Health Care Expenditures Increasing

Health care news: Average health care costs for families will be at least $25,000 this year:

Deductibles and out of pocket expenses are also anticipated to increase next year. While employer provided plans will continue to cover about 80% of the cost of medical insurance for their employees, the increases in premiums will very likely be passed on to the employee.

Health Care News: Election Impact

It has been surprising to me how little discussion about health care there has been in this election cycle to date. The high and increasing costs of prescription drugs has been in the news, as well as promises to make Obamacare better or repeal it, depending upon the candidate and the party affiliation.

I encourage you to contact your elected officials to let them know your concerns about current health care trends. Three inquires to your legislator’s office on the same topic makes it an issue to pursue.

Health Care News: Social Security and Medicare

It has been published that Social Security payments will increase in 2017; approximately 0.3% as of this writing.

Medicare Part B premiums are also likely to be increased in 2017, though I have not yet seen any specific percentages or dollar amounts.


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