Age in Place or Downsize?


Age in Place or Downsize?

Age in place of downsize?  These are questions many are asking as they prepare for retirement.  Increasingly the trend seems to be staying in your current home for as long as possible, where you are comfortable.  Here is an article with some considerations of adjustments to make to your home if you are planning on staying in your home:


We all seem to have too many “precious” objects in our homes.  I am no exception to the rule.  We have to be realistic and know that there is a real probability we will have to move to a smaller location, which means that our possessions must be fewer in number. Do you want to be part of this downsizing process or are you planning on leaving it for your kids to handle?  How about doing at least some of it together?

I am currently reading : Downsizing The Family Home by Marni Jameson, Sterling Publications,  AARP Real Possibilities.  She presents real life situations and suggestions of how to deal with them when facing the situation of relocating your elderly parents, both of whom do not want to move from the home they have lived in for 40+ years.  The closets filled with clothes which are no longer worn, dishes, keepsakes, etc.  Sound familiar?

Facing Reality

At some point in time we all will need assistance of some kind: housekeeping, medical, property upkeep, if we stay in our homes.  We will not always be totally independent.  Have you considered your future options: age in place or downsize, moving in with another family member, moving to an assisted living facility where you can gradually move from independence to a nursing home setting if required?

I strongly encourage you to have the family discussions about your wishes before the situation requires immediate action and you have not made any prior arrangements. (spouse dies or is hospitalized, injury no longer allows you to move with ease in your home, etc.)  Your housing options might be very limited in an emergency situation.  Take the time to consider your options, including where in the country you want to spend your retirement years.

Age in place or downsize; complicated, time-consuming, and something which we shouldn’t postpone considering,  talking about, and taking action.



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