Avoiding Drug Interactions

Avoiding Drug Interactions

Do you know if you, or loved ones for whom you are caring, are at risk for drug interactions?  It is not uncommon to be taking multiple medications, both prescribed and over the counter products, on a daily basis. Do you know what foods and other products should not be taken with your current regimen to avoid drug interactions?  Those at risk are increasing.

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How to avoid Drug Interactions
  1. With every new prescription, ask your doctor and pharmacist what other medications, food and dietary supplements you should avoid.
  2. Have a list of all your current medications. Include drugs taken occasionally, over the counter medications, patches, tablets, inhalers, drops, liquids, ointments and injections, as well as herbal, vitamin and dietary supplements.  Also include drugs which you have previously taken but have discontinued, indicating when discontinued. If you haven’t already created your list, use this form to help you get organized.  Medications List form 5 12
  3. Use one pharmacy for all your prescriptions.
  4. Become familiar with potential drug interactions for medications which you are taking.
  5. If you are given a drug sample by your physician, ask about possible interactions with medications which you are currently taking.  Routine computer drug interactions checks might have been missed.
  6. Take as few medications as possible.
  7. Do not take medications prescribed to someone else.

(Chicago Tribune 2 14 16 edition)

Additional safety Precautions

Once you have created your medication list, give a copy to someone else.  In the event of an emergency where you are unable to provide information, your medical information will be available to assist the emergency care providers in avoiding drug interactions and complications.

It doesn’t take long to create the list.  Make sure you update the information every time you discontinue or are prescribed a new medication or over the counter product for your health.

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