Your Emergency Information

A quick list of items to consider when organizing your emergency information.

Insurance coverage:     Medical, Home, Auto, etc.

In Case of Emergency Contacts

On Your Phone:  Indicate ICE before individual’s name for first responders

Your ICE emergency information folder (have this information with someone

not living with you

In Case of Emergency Folder (hard copies, flash drive, folder on your computer)

Insurance policies

Bank and legal information: locations, contacts, phone and email info

Utilities: account and contact information

Your designated emergency contacts: email and phone numbers

Who Should Have My Emergency Information and be my designated contact?
Talk to them in advance and provide them with the necessary information for dealing with an emergency involving you and/or your family.

Medical Power of Attorney forms for all adult family members

Advanced Directives for each adult family member: (this includes children away at college)

Medical Emergency Information

  •      Current physician list
  •      Current medication list
  •      Medical history last 5 years

Parents’ or Dependent’s Information

  •      Medical
  •      Financial Arrangements
  •      Plans if no longer able to live independently in current location

Veteran Discharge Papers

By no means does this list of emergency information include everything you want to consider.  These are definitely the important areas to prepare.  You  never know when an accident or some natural disaster might occur.  That is not the time you want to begin to locate this very important information.



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