First Aid Kit Supplies

Getting ready for a summer vacation? You might want to consider adding these additional first aid kit supplies to your current first aid kit.

1.  Baby wipes: Good for quick cleaning

2. Hand towel: Create a clean surface for your supplies or use it to stop bleeding wounds or other clean up from an accident or illness.

3. Kid treats: stickers or decorated bandages to distract from the first aid treatment.

4. Information card:  Include medical information (including 800 number), birth dates, allergies, medications and health conditions for you and your family members.  Also consider doctor’s names and contact info and an emergency contact of someone not traveling with you.  Place in a sealable plastic bag and place in the first aid kit.

5. Garbage bag:  For used supplies, a poncho, waterproof ground covering

6. Afrin nasal spray for a bloody nose that continues for more than 10 minutes. Active ingredient: oxymetazoline helps constrict blood flow.

7. Temporary dental filling putty: for a damaged tooth: sealing it from the air

8. Store bought water bottle with squeeze nozzle: fresh water to clean a wound with some force to flush dirt and debris

9. Quart size resealable bag: use as an ice bag, as a disposable glove, carrying an item to the hospital

10. Blister pads labeled as hydrocolloid.

With these first aid kit supplies added to your current first aid kit, you might have to increase the size of the container. But they will be very useful in all kinds of emergencies.  Make sure you check your first aid kit supplies for expiration dates before you take a trip or at least annually.

First aid kit items should be in your car, your home, and in your luggage/gear when traveling.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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