Keeping Warm

Keeping warm: something most of us take for granted.  Or, keeping cool if you live in warmer climates.  As winter weather has finally hit most of the United States, it is time to consider ways to assist others in keeping warm in the months ahead.

Warm Coats

Did you know that 15% of Americans can’t afford a warm coat? is trying to assist.  From now through February they are accepting donations and have drop-off locations.  Every item collected in your community stays within your community.  Help your neighbors.

Warm Feet

Keeping warm: does the rest of you feel warm when your toes are tingling from the cold? has provided nearly 2 million pairs of shoes to those in need around the world.  Mail in your gently used shoes and boots  for distribution to those who can use them.

Warm Head

Specifically for the New York and New Jersey area, hats4the donates hats and other winter essentials,  They accept either store-bought or homemade knit caps.

Warm Heart collects handmade scarves, attaches a card to each, letting the recipient know that the scarf was made with love.  The scarves are distributed to schools, homeless shelters and other groups that request them.  Doesn’t that make you feel warm as well? Anyone who knits or crochets has some leftover yarn that can fairly quickly create a warm scarf.

Hot Meals

Who doesn’t want a full stomach on a cold day?  Go to for information on providing assistance to the Meals on Wheels Association of America through the Every Cork Counts campaign.  $5 will be donated for Every cork recycled from a Gallo wine bottle to the Meals on Wheels program. Help the seniors in our population who otherwise would not have a well-balanced, nutritious, warm meal.

Next Steps

Staying active is always a good method for keeping warm.  Why not choose one or more of these organizations/projects to get you moving; knowing that you are making a difference in someone else’s life. I bet you’ll be warmer, inside and out, knowing that someone else is feeling more comfortable.

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