Medical Information

Could you easily provide the current medical information for your loved one(s) in an emergency situation?  Are the current medications and physicians documented so that you can hand it to the medical professional? Do you have a current medical history on both yourself and your loved one(s)?

Why Take the Time to Compile This Information

I strongly recommend that you have medical information for yourself and your loved ones, updated at least annually or when there is a change in medication or other pertinent history.  If there is an accident, you are unexpectedly in the Emergency Room or seeing a new physician or other medical professional, it is beneficial for all to have medication, medical history, and physician information readily available.  It saves everyone time, avoids mistakes and possible adverse reactions, as well as providing contact information for more background, if required. If it is documented, you are less likely to forget a medication or its dosage.

Where to Save Medical Information

After the medical information forms have been completed, I strongly recommend that you keep a copy:

1.  In your “In Case of Emergency” file

2.  With your spouse or significant other

3.  With your child(ren) or parents

4.  With someone who does not live with you, whom you have designated as an emergency contact

5.  On your smartphone, where you can easily access it in an emergency

If you have single children away at college, parents or other loved one for which you are responsible in some manner, make sure you have their medical information current and available as well.

During an emergency situation is not the time to try and gather this information.  You have other issues which need your attention.

Sample Forms

Current Physician List Form

Medications List form 5 12


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