Prepare Now for 2013

We should all take a few moments and prepare now for 2013 and whatever may come our way in the days ahead.

Specifically, prepare now for 2013 by:

1.  Making it a routine to back up all of your gadgets: phones, computers, tablets on a routine basis.

2.  Routinely clean the screen of your phone, your tablet, your keyboard, your car steering wheel and your purse or briefcase handles.  Lots of germs from all of the use and we share them with everyone in whom we come in contact.

3.  Making sure your passwords are easy for you to remember, but challenging for someone who wants your information. Consider changing your passwords at least a couple times a year.

4.  As you close your 2012 files and create new files, prepare now for 2013 by making copies of important insurance documents and contact information, storing them securely on your phone for emergency purposes.  This should include: car insurance, house insurance, medical insurance information, particularly policy and phone numbers.  In the event of a weather emergency or other disaster situation, you will save yourself lots of time and headaches because you have your policy information available to expedite claims processing.

5.  Prepare now for your medical needs by checking the deductible amount on your medical insurance policy as well as your pharmacy and doctor visit co-pay amounts. Also make sure that your insurance card is current.

6. Make it a routine this year to contact those you know who are sick, homebound, or elderly.  Not only will you make them feel connected and happy, you will be surprised how good you will feel as well.  It’s something you would want done for you in a similar situation, I’m sure.

Nothing too overwhelming, but important considerations for the beginning of 2013.  Prepare now for a 2013 that is an  organized and healthy!


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