No, this isn’t related to any weather conditions.  It stands for, “In Case of Emergency”.  Your important emergency contacts should be designated in this way on your phone. I recommend designating ICE and ICE2 if you have more than one emergency contact.

I strongly urge you to create an ICE file, either hard copy or electronic, with all your pertinent information in the event you are unable to personally participate:  power of attorney, medical directives, medication and physician information,contacts with name, phone, and email addresses,  etc.

Also, your emergency information:

1)  Should be somewhere safe but accessible.  Your safety deposit box is not an ideal location. You shouldn’t be the only one who knows how to access the information.

2) Should be with someone trusted in the event you cannot personally access the required information.  Your attorney should have a copy of your power of attorney and possibly even your medical directive information. Talk to your physician about having a copy of this information in your medical file.

3) Should include name and phone numbers of who you want contacted to assist you in an emergency situation.  Make sure you discuss this designation in advance with the individuals you designate.  No one should be further surprised in the time of an emergency.  There are enough emotional and stressful considerations already.

Please take the time to discuss in advance your decisions regarding life-saving measures with those designated with medical power of attorney on your behalf.  Do you want to be resuscitated and put on life-saving measures no matter what?  What considerations do you want as part of the decision process?

Difficult decisions to make and even more difficult conversations to have but beneficial for all involved if done at a time when it is not an emergency.  Everyone involved will be informed and much more comfortable in the event of an emergency medical situation.

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