Getting Organized

Just found a wonderful book/binder which I highly recommend for everyone:

“Putting Things in Order” A Journal to Organize Your Life for the Next Generation by Ellen Baumritter and David Finkle , Chronical Books, San Francisco, 2006

Lots of great information and questions on organizing your life and possessions for both you and your successors.

Sections on valuables, financial matters, funerals and wills, memories/remembrances to share, as well as lots of reference information (websites and phone numbers).

A great way to put a lot of vital information in one place: just remember to tell that important person in your life where you hid it!  Once completed, this is not something you want just anyone to peruse.

Available on line for under $20.  Highly recommend getting your own copy and using it to get your paperwork and personal information in order.  I know that I’m going to use it to get more of my information organized and easy to find in one place in case of an emergency.

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