Healthcare Advocacy Consulting Services

Welcome to KL Services. I provide healthcare advocacy consulting services for patients and their families.  With my experience and knowledge of the healthcare system, I can help you navigate today’s complicated medical environment with greater ease and comfort.

I can assist you with:

  • Your medical bills. How much do you owe? Who do you owe? When is it due?
  • Understanding your current insurance benefits, including your financial obligations and coverage
  • Enrolling in a medical insurance program: Medicare, individual insurance options, employer provided health benefits
  • Explaining post-hospitalization/rehab facility care options   (home care, private duty, etc.)

Document important information: I have several forms to help organize and document your medical information for yourself and your loved ones before it is needed.

Know what’s covered: Become familiar with your medical benefits and coverage before you need to utilize them. It is much easier to  make decisions when you are not in an emergency situation with time restrictions placed upon you.  And yet, every day that is what occurs when people are faced with an unexpected medical emergency or illness; their own or that of a loved one.

Designate a spokesperson: If you can’t speak for yourself, who will be able to answer questions and make decisions on your behalf? In case of an emergency, it is important that someone else has your insurance and pertinent medical information. This includes your elderly relatives, children away at school, or individuals who are living alone.

I look forward to assisting you and your family with your healthcare billing and insurance coverage questions and challenges.